At Kaboodle Sound, our approach to audio is a little different to the majority. We work at the crossroads between music and sound design, between audio engineering and programming.

We look for old fashioned concepts like ‘the vibe’ and ‘feeling’ in a sound rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects. We focus on the spiritual and emotional magic in sound and music, and seek out the connections between nature, spirituality, mathematics and sound.

Kaboodle Sound is based on the field and studio recordings, samples, instruments and effects created by audio engineer Stephen Baxter. It is also a collaboration with a wide variety of artists, musicians, and other audio engineers – usually changing with each project.

FAQs without the questions (or ‘Frequent Answers’, if you like):

  • Everything that is up for sale on this site is created in-house unless stated otherwise.
  • We make our own balanced piezo contact mics, which we use in conjunction with a variety of professional microphones.
  • We mostly use AKG, Audio Technica, Electrovoice, Shure and Røde mics, but these can change for each project.
  • Although we often explore, for want of a better term, the “spritual” aspects of sound on this site, there are no religious affiliations of any kind – we accept and explore all spiritual paths and beliefs without any preference or judgment.
  • The website colours use the Solarized colour scheme.
  • The website is run on WordPress and Woocommerce.

Stephen Baxter – brief career summary:

  • 6 years of professional live sound reinforcement (audio engineering)
  • hundreds of hours of both studio and field recording
  • experience of programming Java, Max/MSP, HTML and CSS
  • studied mathematics, design, audio engineering, and object oriented programming at university and college level
  • previously worked in a variety of other jobs, including venue and events management, bookstore manager, civil service administration, call centre employee, cleaner, driver, barista and stage crew