Aether Keys


Spooky white noise, ideal for ghost radio, EVP Ghost Voices, sinister ambience, and tape hiss/lo-fi sound design. You can play this randomly, percussively, or like a weird ambient white noise keyboard. This is part of the Spooky Sounds Collection.


This sound design instrument is made from 128 white noise samples that have been individually edited and distorted. All samples are looped, and can be played percussively or in a more ambient fashion. This is ideal for scratchy vinyl style effects, radio static and other types of white noise (e.g. rain, water or digital noise). You can live out your William Basinski dreams right here.

Kaboodle Sound instrument and FX demos are made to show the sound of the instrument or effect. They are mostly made using generative and random techniques and try to avoid specific genres.

There are two basic instrument variations: Pitched and Unpitched, plus a rhythmic version of each, for a total of four variations.

The Pitched version plays like any other instrument, with the samples rising and falling in pitch as you play up and down the notes.

In the Pitched version, samples can be played at random, or can be selected one by one for more consistency. The Unpitched version has the samples all at their original ‘pitch’ (yes, we know ‘pitch’ doesn’t really apply to noise, but it does in this context…) In the Unpitched version, each of the 128 MIDI notes represents a different sample. So between the two variations, you have 2 ways of playing random or specific samples.

The rhythmic variation is performed by ‘Random Dual Notes’, which provides 2 synced arpeggiators set 2 or more octaves apart, playing random notes across that range.

Minimum Requirements:

    •   Ableton Live 10.1 – Intro Edition or higher

Technical Details:

    • Format: .zip file containing 1 .alp (Ableton Live project)
    • Total zipped size: 102 MB
    • Total installed size: 139 MB
    • 1 .als (Ableton Live set) with 4 Instrument Presets
    • Instrument contain 128 WAV samples @ 48kHz, 32-bit

Note: This premium pack is also included in the Spooky Sounds Collection.


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