City Noises


Five FREE industrial/sci-fi/dark ambient instruments made from samples of metal poles and a fence in the middle of Inverness, Scotland.


The 22 samples that make up these 5 instruments were recorded on a quiet street near a bridge in Inverness, Scotland.

Metal poles and a chain link fence were struck and kicked. Traffic and bird noises in the background add a weird dynamic and a gritty kind of lo-fi quality.

These everyday sounds have been transformed into a set of industrial instruments – ideal for a post-apocalyptic sci-fi sound design, or for, well, industrial music…

Here’s a semi-random, part generative demo to give you of a taste of the instruments all together. No other instruments or effects were used, except those included in the pack, and a couple of stock Ableton Live effects:

Kaboodle Sound instrument and FX demos are made to show the sound of the instrument or effect. They are mostly made using generative and random techniques and try to avoid specific genres.


If you would like to support this free pack and future free packs, you can donate through Buy Me A Coffee or via CoinPayments (which takes most major crypto currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.):


    • Ableton Live 10.1 or higher
    • will work with Intro, Standard or Suite

Technical Details:

    • Format: .zip file containing 1 .alp (Ableton Live project)
    • Total zipped size: 6 MB
    • Total installed size: 11.7 MB
    • 1 .als (Ableton Live set) with 5 Instrument Presets
    • Instruments contain 22 WAV samples @ 48kHz, 24-bit (there are actually more than 22 samples in the pack, but the others are variations of the core 22)


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