Spooky Synth


Summon dread and eldtritch beings with this otherworldly sci-fi horror synth. Create rich pads and analog warbles to inspire techno fear and neon nightmares.


Create Gary Numan-like synth lines, Theremin like pads, broken detuned analog synths, or more spooky warbly effects with this original sounding synth, based on 24 human whistle samples.

This instrument is slow, designed for horror and Halloween atmospheres and textures, although it also suits ambient productions, trip-hop, downtempo – any any other genre you want to throw at it.

Kaboodle Sound instrument and FX demos are made to show the sound of the instrument or effect. They are mostly made using generative and random techniques and try to avoid specific genres.

Because the instrument is based on samples of human whistling, it has an organic quality that makes it feel slightly analog. A few adjustments to the rack controls produce a wide variety of textures and timbres.

There are two version of the synth; one with adjustable attack, and one with adjustable Frequency Modulation (FM). The adjustable FM version creates more theremin-like sounds when the FM is turned down; the adjustable attack version is generally closer to an analog synth sound.

This pack also includes the effect device ‘Pitch Wobble Delay’, which can create effects that range from subtle pitch randomness to spacey freakout warbles; this device can also be used on other instruments to give unstable delays.

The whistling we recorded for these samples was random, idle whistling done at the end of a recording session by a musician while the mics were still on. We asked for something with no particular tune; the kind of whistling people do when they’re focusing on something else, or busy working. The samples have a light, breathy quality that, when stretched and processed, turned into a warm fuzz.

Please note that this instrument uses the same samples as the Spooky Whistle pack, but with completely different settings and effects.

If you wish to buy both instruments, please use this coupon code at the checkout to get £3.00 off:


(This coupon only applies to Spooky Synth and Spooky Whistle when bought together, and no other items).

You can also save more money on multiple Spooky packs if you buy the Spooky Sounds Collection.

Minimum Requirements:

    •   Ableton Live 10.1 – Intro Edition or higher

Technical Details:

    • Format: .zip file containing 1 .alp (Ableton Live project)
    • Total zipped size: 38.7 MB
    • Total installed size: 56.7 MB
    • 1 .als (Ableton Live set) with 4 Instrument Presets and 1 Effect Preset
    • Instrument contains 24 WAV samples @ 48kHz, 32-bit

Note: This premium pack is also included in the Spooky Sounds Collection.


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