Stylophone FX


15 effects racks for Ableton Live, made for the Stylophone Extended instrument, but usable for anything else as well. Effects ranging from subtle warmth to wild, glitched-out distortion!


This is a set of effects racks made from Ableton Live Audio and MIDI effects to go with the Stylophone Extended and Stylophone Extras packs – but the effects have a wide range of uses for any kind of instrument.

They range from wild distortions to subtle shifts, from a guitar amp to a Cristal Baschet emulator.

Below is a set of rough, unprocessed previews of all the effects in quick succession. Except for the drums (Glitch Drums from the Extras pack), the same instrument (Polyphonic Stylophone) is played throughout, varying between two chord progressions. Only the effects change:

The effects presets require Ableton’s built in audio effects devices, most of which come with Standard. Please check the requirements below.

The 14 effects in this pack are:

  1. Drum Pad Randomiser – takes note C1 as an input, and randomly plays across 16 pads.
  2. Padify – stretches and holds audio, effectively turning any instrument into something pad-like.
  3. Cristal Baschet FX – emulates the Cristal Baschet, perhaps most famous in the UK as the instrument used in the haunting opening to the 1970s children’s program ‘Picture Box’.
  4. Phase Pitch Factory – phasing a filtered delay with a factory-style reverb. Good for a theremin sound!
  5. Desert Overdrive – warm, dusty distortion.
  6. Android Church – like a church built for analog synthesizers.
  7. Glitch Matrix – dirty, glitchy, warbly distortion.
  8. Stylophone Guitar Amp – modelled for the Stylophone, but processes virtually anything into a guitar-like texture.
  9. Glitch Grain Noise – glitchy, subtle noise, mixing analog and digital vibes.
  10. Super Delay Echo – epic, dreamy layered echo and multiple delays
  11. Digital Glitch – harsher, glitchy digital distortion.
  12. Underwater – and underwater, bubbly effect, perfect for 1950s style sci-fi or pretending you’re in Stingray…
  13. Analog Hall – similar to Android Church, but a warmer, more intimate space.
  14. Desert Ghost Drone – transforms notes into warm, distorted, slightly pulsating drones.

There is a 15th effect, Digital Glitch Matrix, which mixes ‘Digital Glitch’ with ‘Glitch Matrix’ to create a more chaotic digital glitch distortion.

3 effects are also packaged together as ‘Stylophone Glitch Keys FX’, which is targeted at the ‘Glitch Keys’ instrument in the Extras pack.

Please note: ‘Super Delay Echo’, ‘Padify’ and ‘Phase Pitch Factory’ are also included in the Stylophone Extras pack, as they are part of the instruments included there.

You can also purchase the smaller and cheaper Standard and Suite FX packs, if that suits you more than the full package.

The most cost effective option is to buy the Stylophone Bundle, which includes ‘Extended‘, ‘Extras‘ and ‘FX‘ altogether.

All packs on Kaboodle Sound contain a ‘Previews’ folder within the .als file – so that you can preview the instruments as you can with core Ableton packs. (You just need to click on the clip in the folder). In addition, there is a ‘Clips’ and ‘Presets’ folder, so you don’t have to open the set to load the instruments and effects.


    • Ableton Live 10.1 or higher – please read below carefully, too:
    • 5 effects require Ableton Live Standard or the following Audio Effects:
        • Filter Delay
        • Frequency Shifter
        • Glue Compressor
        • Overdrive
        • Resonators
        • Vocoder
    • 9 effects require Ableton Live Suite or the following Audio Effects:
        • Amp
        • Cabinet
        • Corpus
        • Pedal
        • Echo
        • Dynamic Tube
        • Frequency Shifter
        • Overdrive
        • Resonators
        • Vocoder
  • Drum Randomiser uses only Intro level MIDI effects.

Technical Details:

    • Format: .zip file containing 1 .alp (Ableton Live project)
    • Total zipped size: 32.2 MB
    • Total installed size: 43.1 MB
    • 1 .als (Ableton Live set) with 15 Effects Presets and 15 preview clips
    • The 15 presets are comprised of 1 MIDI effect rack and 14 Audio effects

Additional information

Ableton Edition

Intro, Standard, Suite, Complete Pack


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