Waterfall (Rogie Falls, Scottish Highlands)


Waterfall and stream at Rogie Falls near Contin, in the Highlands of Scotland. Plus bonus bus ride with weird mechanical noises!


The sound of Rogie Falls waterfall near Contin, in the Scottish Highlands. Recorded in September 2018 with a variety of mics, ranging from a lo-fi lavalier mic to higher end mics using both Mid/Side and XY techniques, as well as a shotgun mic. The previews below are around 10 second looped snippets of the full files – which range from 30 seconds to 11 minutes in length. Please see below for details.

The waterfall produces an interesting phasing effect in some places, which is captured predominantly on two recordings. The other recordings were taken in different spots near the waterfall, and also at a nearby, much quieter stream.

This pack also includes the sound of the bus ride between Inverness and Contin, as the bus made a variety of weird banging, squeaking and phasing sounds.


    •   none – except the ability to play WAV files!

Technical Details:

    • Format: 3 .zip files containing a total of 3 folders of field recordings
    • Total zipped size: 798 MB
    • Total unzipped size: 891 MB
    • 12 loopable WAV files @ 48kHz, 32-bit, plus 19 .jpg photos of the area


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