At Kaboodle Sound, our approach to audio is a little different to the majority. We work at the crossroads between music and sound design, between audio engineering and programming.

Our sound packs reflect this; we focus on playable instruments and usable effects that can be used in any audio setting, not just music production.

We look for old fashioned concepts like ‘the vibe’ and ‘feeling’ in music rather than paying too much attention to this week’s industry trends or technological fashions. We focus on the spiritual and emotional magic in music, and seek out the connections between nature, spirituality, mathematics and audio.

Kaboodle Sound’s output is based on the field and studio recordings, samples, instruments and effects created by audio engineer Stephen Baxter. It is also a collaboration with a wide variety of artists, musicians, and other audio engineers – usually changing with each project. At our core is small team, mostly producing graphic work, and some coding and technical assistance.

About our Packs

  • All downloadable items include free lifetime upgrades and improvements. Due to thorough testing and meticulous attention to detail, most items will not need to be improved! But there may be occasional updates and extras, such as alternative tunings, additional samples, etc. In the future (2021/2022), it is hoped that all packs will also be ported to Kontakt and other formats, and this will also be a free upgrade.
  • Everything that is up for sale on this site is created in-house unless stated clearly otherwise. We never use or re-use another person’s work in any way unless it is a collaboration.
  • Everything we sell is royalty free; you can use all instruments, samples, effects, MIDI files and loops in your own work without additional charges or legal hassles from us – or from anyone else.
  • All of our Ableton Live packs come with help files (‘lessons’) that explain more about the pack. All of our devices and instruments have helpful and descriptive text for every control and rack.
  • Most of our packs are suitable for Intro versions of Ableton Live; check the requirements on the pack page to be sure, or get in touch.
  • Most demo tracks are made using generative and random techniques, using devices and chord progressions that are often included in the respective pack.
  • We do regular sales, and offer further discounts through coupons if you sign up for our newsletter.

Further Information

  • We mostly use AKG, Audio Technica, Electrovoice, Shure and Røde mics, but these can change for each project.
  • We make our own balanced piezo contact mics, which we regularly use in conjunction with a variety of professional microphones.
  • Although we often explore, for want of a better term, the “spiritual” aspects of sound on this site, there are no religious affiliations of any kind – we accept and explore all spiritual paths and beliefs without any preference or judgement.
  • The website uses the Solarized colour scheme.
  • The website is run on WordPress and Woocommerce.

Check out our blog for personal comments, insights, industry news, and amusement. We often link to other pack producers and VST companies, especially when they have a sale on, or when they’re selling something particularly cool or interesting.