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MISHBY Plugin by Freakshow Industries

Really loving this new plugin by Freakshow Industries, that’s basically a mangled tape/glitch plugin with outrageous design and a lot of playability.

It’s probably more exciting visually than aurally, but it’s a great combination of actual fun and interesting effects. And it’s a great thing to drag out when someone comes over to hear your latest bangin’ tunes, so you can freak them out.

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SketchCassette VST

Been loving this plugin for a little while now, and it’s just got an update, so it’s a great time to check it out. SketchCassette does an incredibly good job of creating a warm, lo-fi tape sound that really gets the feel of C90 style cassettes right.

Really looking forward to what aberrant dsp will do next; this is such a great start! There’s something about these kind of boutique VSTs (when done well) that can really summon up audio magic.