Stream and Wind (Clootie Well Woods, Munlochy, Scottish Highlands)


A 22 minute, loopable field recording of woodland noises, wind in the trees, and a stream running through the woods.


This field recording pack of Clootie Well Woods by Munlochy in the Scottish Highlands contains the sound of wind in the trees, a woodland stream, and bird calls. The full 22 minute recording is seamlessly loopable. This is mostly a relaxing and calming recording – however, there are also some gunshots from a nearby farm or moor, and occasional passing cars on a nearby road. This serves to anchor the recording in the human world, and provides a fuller audio impression of the surrounding environment. These moments of human noise also help to highlight, through contrast, the calm and peace of the wind and water.

Clootie Well is an ancient healing well, linking back to Celtic traditions. People dip rags in the well, and hang them on the trees. When the cloth rag (“clootie” in Scots) is rotted, the illness leaves the person affected. The well was, until recently, surrounded by thousands of cloots tied to the trees. Someone has taken them all down now, but they will soon return, as people come from all over the world to visit the healing well.

For more information on Clootie Well, see here:

The recordings were made up-river from the well, as the sounds of the stream and trees were more interesting there. Future recordings may well take place at the well (bad pun intended).

The audio was edited very subtly to ensure seamless looping. The Bandcamp player above splits the file into two recordings, which are both seamlessly loopable as well. If you buy the recording on Bandcamp, you will receive those two WAV files. If you buy the recording here, you will receive a single 22 minute WAV file, but for all other intents and purposes, they are the same recording.


    •   none – except the ability to play WAV files!

Technical Details:

    • Format: one .zip file containing one field recording
    • Total zipped size: 456MB
    • Total unzipped size: 491MB
    • 1 loopable WAV file @ 48kHz, 32-bit
    • Length of audio file: 21 minutes 33 seconds


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